New Experiments to Pit Quantum Mechanics Against General Relativity | Simons Foundation

November 2, 2013

I’m not all sure, I want to know the outcome of that. If I read this right and if the outcome is what the scientists hope for, it basically eradicates the concept of intent and consciousness from a philosophical/anthropocentric point of view. It would make gravity the new “consciousness” as the defining ultimate ‘creator’ of all possible experiences, wouldn’t it? In other words: If their theories prove to be(come) accurate, those findings will then basically say that (quantum) gravity is the counterpart to superposition, forcing the latter to ‘decide’ for a definite state if (quantum) space-time curvature reaches a certain threshold (in line with the Penrose-Hameroff argument of orchestrated objective reduction leading to a collapse of the wave function, this ‘forcing’ quantum superposition to collapse into a definite state). Again: If right, there is no need for consciousness, intent or any of these concepts humankind has clung to for eons. It will then basically confirm what I’ve been thinking for as long as I have been able of thought: We are the random result of a quantum gravitational field. Dedicated believers, of course, will defend their position arguing: “Who” made the gravitational field then? I don’t know. But I don’t think that the existence of the field is proof or reason to believe that some”one” made it in the first place. However… you’re free to believe what you prefer as I reserve the right to trust my own intuitions. Agreed?

New Experiments to Pit Quantum Mechanics Against General Relativity | Simons Foundation. And associated with my above thought, this might be of interest, too: