I’m a Member of the American ‘Used-to-Haves’ | Kathleen Ann

This one nails it for me! I’m a member of the Used-to-Haves’ in my country of birth and residence. And I couldn’t agree any more on what Kathleen Ann so eloquently says. We’ve gotten mugged big-time by the existing power-cartel made of (corrupt) politicians shaking hands with Big Finance, corporate CEOs and their henchmen, the lobbyists. But it isn’t only the former middle class who got robbed of their lives’ accomplishments: Pretty much everyone saw that happen to them as well. It isn’t only about the members of the “once had” class, it affects everyone else, too – minus above mentioned cartels of power. In one word: We – those, who depend on showing up at a job at least five times a week, not counting overtime – were abused! (Synonyms: Lied-to, exploited, used and tossed away, stripped naked, left-to-die in poverty). The former “American Dream” and each of their equivalents in other so-called “free countries” was the scam of the century in my book! But see for yourself.

I’m a Member of the American ‘Used-to-Haves’ | Kathleen Ann.


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