PHOENIX – Armageddon – The Longest Night

PHOENIX – Armageddon – Die längste Nacht.

An incredibly exciting docu piece on the global scenario after an asteroid hitting the earth. No, this isn’t going to be a very comfortable one.

However, I found the most impressive piece of info in a side aspect coming from scientists’ deliberation on criteria that decide which organisms have the best chances of survival after an impact and given the dramatic climate changes following it. They mentioned the wood frog, which is able to survive for up to eight months while being completely deep frozen! It owns this incredible ability due to the fact that its organism is capable of releasing an endogenous anti-freeze fluid from glucose and urea, which also prevents ice crystals from forming within body cells, so that contrary to the human organism there is no cellular – and irreversible – damage. Thus the frog can defrost without suffering any damage to its body! And during the deep freeze period, heart and blood circulation come to a complete halt so that there aren’t any detectable body functions during that time!

Apparently, cryopreservation draw from some of these findings, although there is currently no way to completely avoid cellular damage in the preserved body or organ.

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