Wahl in Amerika: Wir herrschen auch morgen noch – Debatten – FAZ

This article (in German, unfortunately) is exactly antipode to yesterday’s SPIEGEL analysis. It basically says, America will prevail as the world’s leading superpower, at least for a few decades longer.  Robert Kagan is a historian and currently serves as a campaign advisor to Mitt Romney.

Wahl in Amerika: Wir herrschen auch morgen noch – Debatten – FAZ.

My personal take on the species and the planet is: I don’t like us. We’re a savage, primitive species with no respect for creation whatsoever. We are actually not worthy of even speaking the word ‘God’ or ‘divine’ as we have no concept of it. The fact that one superpower dominates the rest of the world and the fact that it must be this way (according to Kagan) in order to make sure of some form of stability is deeply disgusting and disappointing to me. And I make no difference, whether that superpower happens to be the US or China or Russia or who the fuck ever.


2 Responses to Wahl in Amerika: Wir herrschen auch morgen noch – Debatten – FAZ

  1. Carsten says:

    I believe that we are as you say a “primitive species with no respect for creation whatsoever” than you justify implicely the dominance of mankind by a more superior force (king,dictator, führer, pope…) and the dominance of one superpower over less developed ones.
    See also H.G. Wells – “War of the Worlds” http://neunmalsechs.blogsport.eu/2012/war-of-the-worlds-von-h-g-wells/
    I would question your “we” and state, that there are many peaceful and civilized people out there who mean and do no harm – who just try to get along. And there are people like Kagan who do harm, intentionally and selfish, to there own people and many nations out there. I see no “we” that connects me with them. We many biologically be the same species – but I see no more.

  2. renovatio06 says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, Carsten. I tend to use provocative wording. ‘We’ is a generalization, indeed. However, what I meant to address in this context is the following: I believe to have observed a ‘hard wired’ drive in our species to seek power over one another. It seems built into the ancient, instinct-driven part of our brains and system. Of course there are a lot of people trying to get along. And others maintain tactics of ‘divide et impera’. But there seems to be a tendency to dominate. And that inevitably leads to inequality and restricted freedom a.s.o. a.s.f. Unless we get rid of this drive or agree on somehow proscribing it, I don’t see any real progress in the evolution of our species. Not really.

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