Feature: Going Public with Depression – CNN.com

Going public with depression – CNN.com.Since I’ve been a sufferer myself for the past 47 going on 48 years, since I’ve already lost everything that constitutes a life, I feel safe to bring it up. And here’s an excellent feature about this debilitating thing.


3 Responses to Feature: Going Public with Depression – CNN.com

  1. this is a wonderful article. thanks for sharing!

  2. renovatio06 says:

    I think so, too, Chantal. The authors and laymen contributors have all found most articulate ways to describe what it’s like to live with this leviathan sitting on one’s mind and heart. One of them is a friend of mine, whom I’ve been communicating with for some years. According to some of those accounts, there is hope that one might be able to reclaim something that feels closer to living instead of simply surviving. So, to quote one of your recent expressions: I keep on trucking, hoping to get to that point of overcoming this condition, at least in part or for prolonged windows of time.

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