Through the Wormhole S3E9 Will Eternity End? HQ – YouTube

Well…. this is amazing and scary at the same time. This very episode deals with questions I’ve been asking myself for as long as I can remember. Those questions always gave rise to an immediate, terrible panic attack (but I wasn’t able to stop asking them either). In a nutshell: The last 10 mins. convince me that there is no chance for us or our descendants or even an alien species to ever gather enough data about the universe we live in, so we may know how it works. In other words: We have no hope of ever “discovering” something like a “world formula” (which is able to explain and mathematically describe everything). Before we’d succeed in collecting all this data (a number as high as 10 to the power of 10 to the power of 123!!!) – the amount already collected would effectively create a black hole, thus pulling all collected data in and … destroy it. In other words: We are not meant to know the “masterplan” (if there is one to begin with, which I still doubt. The only “plan” is randomness from what I see). Is this a comforting insight? I don’t know, rather not. However, it helps to prioritize: There is really nothing else we can ever hope to do, but … live the NOW. That’s all there is to it and all there’ll ever be.


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