Proof of life

I feel like I need to show a sign of life on this platform, so people don’t think it’s dead. Also, I’m thinking of copying some content over from ipernity, as I’m pretty regular there.

The idea came about when reading a friend’s blog today, whom I met on flickr and who was so nice to come along to ipernity. I was quite impressed with his blog, both content- as well as presentationwise and I think I’m seeing quite a number of parallels, both in his personal as well as professional life.

This finding bred a new thought: Isn’t it funny, how you can really observe the laws of the universe in action? I mean, his life and mine seem to have so much resemblance in certain aspects, and our personal development seems to be yielding almost matching results at this time. Given the web and its tremendous capacity in terms of social interaction, you get to see effects like this for the first time ever. This is major and I’m really happy and thrilled to be living in such exciting times.

Well, gotta go on with my routine now, but should be back with more online work later.


2 Responses to Proof of life

  1. Cliff says:

    You know, if it weren’t for the net I’d probably live a rather isolated life, really. Between work and my personal life it’s not often that I find the time to go out and meet new people, though part of that is from my own shyness around “new” people, and having a difficult time finding common ground intellectually. Then there’s the net… Social networking sites I find to be both fascinating and frightening at the same time, mind you, I keep using them anyway. On one hand someone can make a page all about them, tailor it to represent their life, interests, likes and dislikes, and add alot of random and not so random information they feel the world should know about them. For people that know us personally they will likely see our page and either agree or disagree with how we choose to portray ourselves, or perhaps learn something new that they didn’t know about us, even having known us, sometimes for many years. For someone like myself whom finds it difficult to connect with people it gives me a chance to casually step into the windows of many peoples lives as if by casually walking down a random street and peering into the windows of their souls. Some keep the shades almost completely drawn, while others live their lives out in the open. Once in awhile I run across something intriguing though sometimes it’s purely for superficial interest such as someone who does intimate self-portraits in a highly artistic fashion. I appreciate the art, but I’m still a male, and I’m not dead yet. Others have such a way with words that I’m amazed by their articulation of their views, journeys within their own lives, and their fearless honesty as it relates to the very core of their being. These sites have done something within the greater bounds of societies that I don’t think anyone could have imagined when they first founded them. There seems to be such a strong sense of community within some of these online entities that people don’t often find outside of churches, or other gatherings where people share a common passion. I’ve “met” some very interesting people through Flickr that I’d probably never have even known anything about if it weren’t for that site, and it along with other similar sites have given me alot of inspiration, both creatively and interpersonally. These are indeed exciting times my friend, and I’m glad that we’re still young enough to watch it continue to evolve over the next 40-50 years. I thank you for introducing me to, as I’d probably have not discovered it for a long time myself given that I barely keep up between Flickr, livejournal, myspace, and facebook. One thing ipernity makes me want to do is learn another language so that I can meet a larger community where the only barrier is our respective dialects. There’s so much of the world that I just don’t know about that at times I feel like a young child seeing something that’s always been there with fresh and unjaded eyes.

  2. renovatio06 says:

    You’ve said it nicely, articulate and most accurately in my opinion – I couldn’t agree more. The web is the ideal “hang-out” for me as well, and given that there are so many people out there, whom one shares common interests with, I’m afraid I have become a lot more picky in getting together with people in real life. I didn’t use to be that demanding, I think. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, right, I mean choosing whom one wants to connect with?
    I’m happy our paths have crossed and indeed, it’s going to be interesting to be around a while longer and see for ourselves, where all this community idea and the web 2.0 etc. is going – and I intend to become a productive part of that again and am – much like you – self-teaching me in (technical) areas, where I see deficiencies. The web is definitely an enriching experience and makes it so much easier to find the people one likes to share one’s time.
    Thanks for your kind and elaborate comment here! And kudos to all your endeavours, e.g. the New England School of Photography etc.! You’re really ambitious and I like that.

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