Domain Redirect

I found out that I can forward HTTP-requests to the domain, which I own. Since my domain is with a different provider, I wasn’t all sure about that, but they support something, so the domainname remains in the browser’s address line. That causes problems, when editing, but as soon as I enter the’s domain, I can edit just fine.

So – is a fully viable domain with content again being hosted by (at no charge ;-)). I think, that’s about the cheapest way to have a wordpress-blog including your own domain name and hosting.

Just meant to share, for what it’s worth…


2 Responses to Domain Redirect

  1. Nils says:

    Yeah, looking good.

    I probably ought to do the same… maintaining the software is so tedious. The biggest problem I have is, well, WordPress itself simply sucks for photos.

  2. renovatio06 says:

    In that case: Get another free hosting service like flickr and simply enclose links to those images in your posts. I know, we tend to have everything on one platform with one provider. But wasn’t the web about interconnecting all kinds of resources sitting just about anyhwere in the world? Don’t mean to be sarcastic, it’s a genuine question. Nowadays’ usage seems to be so far off the original concept by Tim Berners-Lee…

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