Moving Part Two

As already reported in this post, I have tried to move this very blog from to 1&1. In my infinite naivety I thought this to be a straightforward undertaking given the fact that 1&1 is a mass web provider and bost themselves in offering a blog and all kinds of services. But intuition told me to better cross-check and so
I did by calling them first and asking about moving my blog to their platform.Long story, short: I never got it to work and neither did they. So after having made sure of trying any possible measure I could think of and having had massive correspondence and phone calls with them, I decided to cancel the automated transferral of the hosting fee and got it back into my account. They sent me another notice informing me that they don’t see any failure on their part and denied access to my web-hosting package. Just a good thing I configured the HTTP-refresh/forwarding directive prior to them shutting me off my account. At least, something comes up when entering into the browser’s address line.This is the second unpleasant experience with large corporations in the web 2.0 sphere, shortly after the flickr desaster… It doesn’t seem a good idea to let big companies run the services we’re all using on a daily basis…


2 Responses to Moving Part Two

  1. Nils says:

    Please switch off those horrible previews (you can do so somewhere in the preferences pages.)

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