Moving around…

In an attempt to homogenize all my various “homes” on the web, I have moved my domain from Fairhost24 to 1&1. What looked like a straight-forward domain transferral, export of MySQL data, optional export of WordPress-XML and re-import into the new instances of both (WordPress and MySQL) turned into a nightmare with several nights being wasted on pointless investigation, debugging attempts, expensive calls to their – clueless! – hotline and several instances of more than poor support.This episode will see legal repercussions and I have already informed my insurance about the incident. This is more than I can grasp, but I’m beginning to understand that Germany is not very likely to lose its image of web 2.0-diaspora… P.S.: Oh, and by the way: Import my previous blog-data from fairhost24 to here was a matter of a few clicks – well, o.k. I had to split the WordPress-XML export file into two chunks first, which required a little manual editing in a text application to comply with XML well-formedness, but after that, I simply uploaded the two files using the built-in import capabilities and that was it! Why can’t 1&1 come up with an easy import method like that? Damn… 


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