Intermediate Conclusion

Olympic StadiumIt’s been quite an elaborate project over the past six months: Collecting the documentation for the migration agent in preparation of my filing for permanent resident status, researching available locations and opportunities for Boinx primarily as well as for myself, getting in touch with contacts at Great Northern Way Campus to evaluate education opportunities, looking for ways of financing this, in short: Researching and evaluating just about any opportunity job-, education- and careerwise I could possibly think of. This task found me glued to the chair in front of my computer for most of my spare time outside regular office hours at Boinx. I was determined to make the migration happen and return from Canada with a distinct plan for Boinx or a job offer from someone else and a final departure date. For obvious reasons, I didn’t feel comfortable to disclose too many of my activities at that time, in part for not being all decided about which route to take (hence, I needed to pursue ALL of them simultaneously) and in part for not being able to demonstrate quick results.I can report that I succeeded: Apart from a standing offer at Boinx to implement some sort of North-American outpost in Vancouver, B.C., Canada and act as a customer liaison from there, I also landed myself another job offer, which came unexpected, but it would have allowed me to move to Victoria on Vancouver Island and have the potential employer file for the required paperwork in order to obtain a work permit. However: I didn’t see myself there, much like I didn’t see myself implementing the Boinx outpost at a closer, second look. It would compromise my loyalty with Boinx to discuss the reasons in detail, but suffice it to say that a general feeling of “I can do better” prevailed and made for my reluctance to follow up on the available options. When I say “do better” I mean it in terms of a professional occupation that matches my talents better than being some kind of sales person.However – and this is the only option I have never fully taken into consideration: I’m not really comfortable with pursuing my migration endeavour any more at this point. Surprise! Really, I never thought this could happen, but I have become uncertain as to whether it’s a good idea in the first place. It looked like one and all my researching seemed to reassure me of it being an excellent plan in order to improve my professional and personal life. So what happened? I’m not all sure, but the weather conditions I found certainly weren’t beneficial or inviting to say the least. Out of almost three weeks I spent in Vancouver, two of them saw constant rain, wind, chilly temperatures that didn’t exactly entice me into venturing out and being outdoors an awful lot. So I was really sick for most of my time there and what is more, everyone I talked to about this informed me of this exceptionally cold and hard winter, with constant rain for five months, some snowfall, and the sun barely, if at all, coming out. Particularly this last part is what got me the most: I guess I could adjust to more rain than here, to the Pacific wind, to overall harsher climate conditions than around here. But no sun – at all that is, for five months straight? I’m sorry, I guess I would get depressed real quick and probably have to make up for it by less than advisable means…On the bright side? People are really wonderful there, I haven’t had a single unpleasant encounter. In fact, everyone I ever ran into was really, really helpful, nice and friendly, polite and they seemed to make it their personal challenge not to let go until I was completely satisfied in whatever transaction or interaction took place. Or short: People acted towards me, as if they wanted to be friends with me – no exception there! Plus, the landscape and diverse scenery in and around Vancouver is no less than spectacular! It made for excellent photo opportunities and I must have shot a near 2000 pictures alone during my stay there. Also, I met with some of my flickr contacts and that was another highlight. Vancouver as a city reminded me of San Francisco, so if I had to label it I tend to see it as the San Francisco of the Northwest. Also, living conditions are comparable to those in Germany, with the cost of living being considerably below those found in Southern Germany. If and when the sun is out, there’s plenty of places to see, activities to be done and venues to be explored.So – what now? I don’t know. I will put my migration activities on hold for the time being. I have also cancelled the contract with the migration agent as I don’t see any use in filing for permanent resident status at this point in time. For me, it all boils down to the job being right for me and that means matching my work history, qualifications and talents. I’ve been able to make some very, very promising contacts there and interview with my first choice of companies I’d like to work for, but it didn’t result in a distinct job offer right away.In closing, the Project Westbound has come to an intermediate hold and I have accepted an offer by MACup magazine for a position as a full time editor with them, starting as of June 1st. I’m looking forward to that, as it’s giving me the opportunity to be a full time writer and enhjance my journalist, writing and editing profile as well as gain me some more experience in that realm. Plus: Germany seems to be developing mediterranean wheather conditions due to the side effects of the global warming phenomenon. Jokingly, we talk about where to plant the coconut tree, it’s that hot sometimes!Is it a case of “home, sweet home?” Or will I itch to resort to my endeavour soon? I don’t have a clue, to be honest and I will allow myself to readjust to my life here and see, what comes of that.It’s all a big surprise, really…


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