The Islands

The Islands While I’m visiting, one of my major stops had to be Victoria, of course, to meet the man who set my mind on coming here in the first place. Yes, Chris, that’d be you! Too bad, I only had a small time budget on me, while I was there. So Chris and I made the most of it and he was so kind as to pick me up downtown Victoria and give me the quick tour around some of his major shooting locations, e.g. the Inner Harbour and locations along the beaches of Victoria.

We then grabbed food together and conversed over a rich set of subjects, photography being a major one of them, of course. I enjoyed our short meetup tremendously and boy, time can really fly! In next to no time Chris dropped me off at the transit bus to the Ferry taking me back to Vancouver. Oh, b.t.w., before I forget: On the crossing I not only met a very nice young music student, but also three extremely nice ladies, who later offered me a lift to downtown. Not only was it most convenient, but also more enjoyable than anything else I can remember during the past three-and-a-half years!

Speaking of the Ferry, folks: This return trip really gave rise to a series of shots that I had hoped for. As the sun had finally decided to show after months and months of constant rain and darkness – which actually made local press, picture this! -, it made up big time for its absence by illuminating the countless islands and the skies above in a rich diversity of colors. I fell into another shooting frenzy …

After one day at a major tourist attraction, the Public Market on Granville Island, and a cruise halfway up to Whistler along the jagged shoreline, I felt like some more islands and set over to Bowen Island today. THIS IS THE PLACE I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN LOOKING FOR! It’s a dream, a total paradise! A totally laid-back community, an exclusive location just 20 minutes from West Vancouver and sporting a diversified set of scenery and vistas all along its secluded beaches and trails – a miracle place! (And oh, while being at it: Doesn’t the name “Snug Cove” already suggest all that? As snug as a bug in a rug… ;-)) Since the day took an unexpected turn in that it got me together with a major Macintosh veteran on the island, who was very, very interesting to listen to and who let me in on the ways of the islanders, I didn’t get to see much more than the area around the ferry terminal. That is, until I took the bus across the island to the West shore, made friends with the bus driver, a real island original by the name of Bruce and cordially adressed as Bruce Almighty by some regulars, who has been living there for the past 30-something years. He even steered the bus away from its regular route to stop at a number of places, where no tourist ever goes and which gave me the opportunity to take at least a handful of shots. Imagine this: The bus was late at the ferry terminal for this! That’s how nice and welcoming people are here – can you imagine this? Absolutety spectacular (which seems to become an overly used word in my vocabulary, since I’ve been here… :-)). The least I could do to compensate for this was to invite him for a beer when he was done with his shift, where we discussed the choices we make in life and how they affect us at the end of the day.

Folks, it’s awkward: There are moments when I seem to be immersed in a gigantic deja-vu, as if I have been living this before, as if I were coming back to something I have known all along. It’s even eerie to a degree. Well, as discouraged and disillusioned I may have sounded after week 1, today gave the look on things an entirely new spin!


5 Responses to The Islands

  1. Jura says:

    Sounds you are coming home, Werner, glad for you 🙂

  2. admin says:

    I am, Jura, but in different ways than I thought… it’s more a coming home inside than in terms of location, you know?

  3. Jura says:

    Yes, Werner, I am just in terms of inner home 🙂

  4. Jason says:

    Werner, I couldn’t agree with you more. I have been in a lot of places but nothing compares with the senity of the Georgia Strait. I lived in Nanaimo on V. Island for 9 of the best years of my life. That home resonance is so deep there that it’s like a constant hum- like saltwater smell int he air. Ach Heimweh!

  5. renovatio06 says:

    Thanks for sharing that, Jason, I appreciate that! Yes, the Vancouver experience definitely resonates in my heart, mind and soul and something tells me, this chapter isn’t completely over, yet. Also, in checking your great website I couldn’t help noticing that you’re from Canada 🙂 So, please feel free to fill me in on anything pertaining to your lovely home country, where I met some of the nicest people ever in my life (not to disregard many of the nice encounters I made through the web, flickr predominantly, and quite a number of people, who accompanied me in cyberspace and almost made it feel like real company throughout the trip).
    Thanks, man!

    P.S.: On my next trip to Vancouver and its vicinity, I definitely need to make more time for the islands and e.g. the Sunshine Coast etc. 🙂 Oh, and I surely need to return to Bowen Island and do a serious hike this time around…

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