Easy going Canadians and Live Jazz

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Friday night, the rain stopped for a while and I took the opportunity to stroll down to the beach on Volunteer Park. Too bad I hadn’t brought my camera as the sky seemed inflamed over the fiery sunset. I must say the entire impression of the area is a really different one when it doesn’t rain. All locals to whom I have mentioned the weather maintain that it this year has been record setting in terms of dampness and rain. Oh well, lucky me – of all things, I pick the rainiest weeks of the year …

When heading back to my appartment, I came by an Italian restaurant, which advertised “live jazz daily” in big neon letters. Since I haven’t been to a live music club here, yet, I spontaneously decided to get a brief glimpse over an after dinner cup of coffee. And to my greatest pleasure the music was really good and in a matter of minutes I found myself in conversation with literally everyone at the tiny bar, made new encounters with locals and immigrants and a few minutes later we chatted about music, books, living conditions and whatnot. See, that is the exact kind of experience I miss so often when being back home: When trying to start a conversation with strangers, you get polite replies, but it never really goes on, especially when you’re single like me and not showing up in a crowd of people. There seems to be a certain amount of suspicion, as if people got the feeling “Oh, something must be wrong with him, if he shows up by himself”. Back home, you need to join a sports club or an organization or something in order to get yourself a social network, or you go to one of those specific networking nights where professionals of a certain walk of life meet over a given subject. But I often find that too formal, it always comes at a cover charge, it takes all night and you can’t just show up, chat for the duration of a beer and head on. It’s not really spontaneous is what I’m saying and this is entirely different here! (And much along the lines of how i prefer it to be).

Well, anyway, I had to get home early in order to be all bushy tails for next morning and for my trip to Victoria.


3 Responses to Easy going Canadians and Live Jazz

  1. Wolfram says:

    Hey, good to see, you’re in a better mood now. Weather is improving for the next two days in Vancouver (just checked wetteronline.de to see, how weather will be when I get back home and also checked the Vancouver forecast)

    You are right about scocial networking home in Germany. That’s something I miss here also, just drop by in a bar, have a nice chat and a good time.

    My regards from Charlotte!

  2. Jura says:

    Feels you had a double portion of “live jazz” on Sunday, sounds catchy and pleasing 🙂

  3. admin says:

    Thanks, Wolle, Yeah, right – never knew I was so sensitive to the weather, until now, that is. Too bad, I get a break for only two days. I would have loved to go back to Bowen Island tomorrow and make more time for the scenic views, even get on the ferry by car and drive around the place. But it probably doesn’t make too much sense when it’s raining. Oh well, I’ll play that by ear tomorrow….

    Yes, Jura – you’re right about that! 😀

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