Whoa! Day 5 already?

I’m still struggling with my physical condition to a degree, which slows me down and takes a good deal of adventurous spirit away, so I tend to sleep in and spend quite some time on the laptop. Also, the weather is still not nice, it is raining for most part of the day and temperatures barely rise above 5°C. So that doesn’t make me exactly feel like going outside (but I have to and take advantage of my being here).

Yesterday, I went to BCIT to talk to the Director of Student Services about a course I had planned on attending, while I’m here. This was a really nice encounter and she greeted me, as if we had been knowing each other for years. Very pleasant! The trip to British Columbia Institute of Technology amounted to a 30 min. drive down to Burnaby, but I got there on time and without any detours, which makes me kind of proud as I tend to get lost, when not completely focussing on directions and the car I’m renting doesn’t come with a navigational system. Speaking of cars: German cars are really popular here. I don’t think I have ever seen as many German automobiles outside of Germany than around here. What is more, Vancouverites seem to be doing well, as most of the cars you see are the very expensive models, e.g. Porsche, Mercedes SUVs, Audi RS, Volkswagen Touareg and of course – the MINI Cooper (S, for the most part). So, here’s a reason to be proud, Germans!

I must say that the neighbourhood grows on me from day to day, despite the grizzly weather. Last night, I went to a nearby pub, where I’ve made an encounter with the waitress on day 2, and she also greeted me in such a friendly way that it made me feel, as if I have been living here for five years rather than just days. (Of course I’m aware that she is just being very professional). Everything is in walking distance and it has already become a daily routine to walk the two blocks to the next Safeway’s or Organic Market and get my nutrional necessities. Two blocks further, there’s a copy shop, where I intend to get some photographs printed as postcards, and a Blockbuster video store. Should the weather not become any better, I just might rent a movie here and there to keep me entertained at night.

If I can pull myself together and overcome the pain from an unexpected articular gout attack, I might check out the Vancouver Art Gallery later this afternoon. Also, I’m supposed to meet Alvin, one of my Vancouver contacts. But that also depends upon whether I’ll be able to get my shoes on and walk. I’ll do a test “drive” to the store now…

4 Responses to Whoa! Day 5 already?

  1. Wolfram says:

    I hope all systems ran well on your test drive 🙂

    Have fun with the flickerites!

  2. Wolfram says:

    Oh and by the way, cool new photo on your frontpage!

  3. admin says:

    All systems at about 80%. That’s got to do.

  4. Jura says:

    Feels you almost passed the test – I wish you did 🙂

    Glad to hear that you adapt yourself well!

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