Regular-sized Canadians dressed in T-Shirts – at 45F!

Yes, it’s true! It is barely 10 C°, winds at 15 km/h (how convenient, everything’s metric here…), which makes for a real feel of just between 0 and 5 C°, I am freagging sick to the bone and having a flu including temperature, but I frequently see people on the streets dressed in shorts and T-Shirt. And don’t be fooled into thinking, they were just crossing the street or traffic light, no, I’ve walked with some of them for several blocks. It’s as if coastal Canadians were insensitive to the weather and just declare the warmer climate and dress to it. That’s how it seems to work here. Also, they aren’t constantly on their cell phones (of which they have, I’m sure) to share such essential news with the world as “Oh, hi honey, I’m just on my way to work, being on line with everyone else waiting on the train and I wondered, if you could help me pretend that someone liked me and that I’m not that total loser everybody else makes me.” Doh!?

Also, healthy living seems to be part of everyday life – or at least in that part of the city, where I’m lodging. There’s at least one organic food mart or coffee shop literally on every block or even more of them and very pleasing to the eye, being health-aware does something for them in that they don’t come in sizes worth of three or more singular individuals. Quite the contrary, I haven’t seen a single overweighed person here, and if I did, they were American tourists (whom you could easily identify by the way they dress, speak, behave). So Americans, you may not make much of your skinny neighbours, but they’re surely nicer to look at 😉

I am thinking of taking a short class at UBC while I’m here and will attend an information event tomorrow afternoon as well as speak to the Dean of Admissions about whether I can take part or not. Apart from that I’m really sick like I haven’t been in a long while. No surprise, with going from one climate extreme to the next. My little body doesn’t seem to be coping too well with extreme conditions, be it nutrition, weather or the constant emotional stress I seem to be exposed to one way or another. I just hope, I won’t be too sick to go to that information session tomorrow. Also, I’m thinking of arranging a get-together of Vancouver flickr photographers. Sherry, one of my flickr friends, had the idea and suggested it to me. I immediately contacted the person she mentioned (apart from having contacted one or the other Vancouverite from my flickr contacts list) and she seems to be up to it. So the plan is to set something up for next weekend at the Vancouver Art Gallery. If I’m not totally dropping out from flu, that is. So, would you please keep your well-manicured fingeries crossed for me, pleaaaazzze? 😉

4 Responses to Regular-sized Canadians dressed in T-Shirts – at 45F!

  1. Jura says:

    I am looking at my fingeries – seem manicured well enough – so can keep crossed 😉

    I had similar experience in Norway in Oslo – I was surprised to see some people on the streets dressed in T-shirts, when even I was not sick, but was dressed in a coat as it was similar weather conditions at the end of November.

    Praying for your little body, hugs

  2. Wolfram says:

    Hmmm, not a good timing to get ill. Get well soon!

  3. admin says:

    And it worked, Jura!:D The flu is receding.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks, Wolle – that worked, too!

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