The Arrival

I arrived at Between Friends Bed & Breakfast one day erlier than planned. My decision to book a B&B instead of a regular Hotel proves to be an excellent one with every day that passes. Not only was I made feel welcome like barely ever before. Simone, the landlord, and I also seem to have a good chemistry going and the neighbourhood is simply fantastic. I have cruised around various parts of Vancouver now, and yet I still enjoy coming “home” to this place, Kitsilano to be exact, every time, when I return from my daily trips.

My second day – Sunday – was largely taken hostage by a severe problem with my Mac. My initial attempts to connect to the wireless network here failed and I have been almost three hours on the phone the next day in order to sort this out – however, to no avail. It appears that somehow a certain preference setting in the network configuration can’t seem to get overridden despite my having sufficient access privileges. Apple’s Help Desk wasn’t able to resolve the problem and quite expectably resorted to a “not our problem” kind of approach. Sucks big time! So I did all I can to remedy this and even went to see various Apple Authorized Dealers here in Vancouver – but no gain on this end. So I ended up doing laundry, getting acquainted with the neighbourhood, running a number of errands and cruising downtown later that day to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. However, the club I was supposed to show up at was so packed, I didn’t get in and this gave me the much preferred opportunity to stroll around Pacific Center, the BC Ferry Terminal and to explore the Vancouver Convention Center, which is currently being augmented for a second site to open for the 2010 Winter Olympics being hosted here.

Day Three – major depression, doubts, loss of confidence and faith and plain despair. Not to get me wrong: Everything works out as planned or better, but I started to have second thoughts about all of this for the first time. Why am I doing it? To what end? Where do I see myself in some time from now? Open questions, which I’m unable to answer today or at this point. The weather just harmonized with this foul mood in that it rained the morning and gray clouds obscured the sky for the larger part of the day. Only shortly before sunset I was summoned to my car by simply spectacular light which shone across English Bay and Kitsilano Beach. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get there in time to catch the absolutely amazing rainbow, which dipped Downtown and the surrounding quarters into a surreal light. But I managed to capture at least a couple of pics, which – as usual – you will find on my flickr stream.

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4 Responses to The Arrival

  1. Anonymous says:

    Take your time – in human terms it means patience – and carefully listen to your heart, Werner. Hugs

    P.S. those pics are outstanding!

  2. Jura says:

    Take your time – in human terms it means patience – and carefully listen to your heart, Werner. Hugs

    P.S. those pics are outstanding!

  3. admin says:

    Thanks so much, Jura!

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