Bye-bye, Seattle!

Seattle Skyline I’m getting ready to leave the hometown of Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Frasier Crane and The Fabulous Baker Boys. I have spent three days here and tried to accommodate as many attractions as possible, while still taking my time in order to be able to fully appreciate my experiences. I would like to thank all Seattleites for treating me very nicely, being helpful and friendly on every level and making any traveller or visitor very welcome. I also was fortunate enough to find mostly nice weather, especially yesterday, when temperatures broke through the 60 F barrier and it being sunny all day.

I managed to go atop Space Needle and visit the Experience Music Project Museum, both located in Seattle Center, meet a friend’s cousin over in Woodinville on the east bank of Lake Washington, stroll down Pike Place Public Market, sit atop the Waterfront in Sound View Café, check out the oddly shaped Central Public Library on 5th avenue and take the Seattle Underground Tour. I had a fresh seafood snack at “Steelhead Diner”, half a dozen fresh squeezed orange juices (which squeezed my wallet, too…) and see a fabulous show at nationwide acclaimed Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley. Last night on Friday, I decided to go see a movie at a cineplex theater on Union Square and check out, whether that felt any different from seeing a movie in English back home (it didn’t, except for the fact that everyone around me spoke English instead of German). I also took hundreds of pictures, some of which can be found on my flickr-stream.

Today, on Saturday, March 17th, I will continue to Vancouver, B.C., one day earlier than planned. I feel that if I went back downtown today, a) burning money would come to a critical peak and b) it would rather leave the impression on me of having barely seen anything in the light of the countless attractions that are advertised in my little brochure. So, I quit when it feels best, and this is just the time. In addition to that, I will take the opportunity to research and modify my travel plans to the end of going back to Las Vegas one week early and see the desert once more, maybe one of the numerous shows on the strip, go atop Stratosphere or even travel as far as to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, I’ll see. I would also love to rent a Harley Davidson one day and cruise along winding desert roads, but I am not sure about the risks implied here and haven’t decided on that, yet.

I’m enjoying the sights and sounds as best as I can, but contrary to my feelings in Las Vegas, where I was happy to continue my travel on my own, I now sometimes wish, I’d have someone around to share all the experiences and discuss the impressions of the day over a good dinner, a glass of wine and candlelight. Well, wishful thinking – for a start, who knows, what’s going to happen up there in Canada….

Stay tuned and come back! Oh – about commenting: Please do! Your comments may not appear right away as I have to manually confirm them in order for them to appear, since in this day and time, it is necessary to have spam filters even with blogs. But I do get your comments and authorize them every other day or so. So – fire away!


3 Responses to Bye-bye, Seattle!

  1. Wolfram says:

    Go rent a Harley in L.V.! They are not as expensive as one might think. I guess you´ll get one for around $ 150 / day incl. taxes and insurance. That´s definitely worth the fun and I don´t see any big risks with that, as long as you stay on the roads.

    As for the missing travel companion it is for sure nice to have someone to share your impressions with, but on the other hand there would be someone with his own ideas of what to see and where to go, which will slow you down and make you less spontaneous.

    Burning money is a fact (being alone is a problem here, as you can´t share expenses), when you travel. The more you calculate your expenses, the more your budget is getting a problem. I only start calculating back home and then decide on what to do to make ends meet 🙂 – Not clever, but way more fun like this.

  2. admin says:

    Yeah, I’m definitely thinking along the lines of going back there early and renting me a fat bike. The risk: To go back to Valley of Fire, I would have to drive up a small gravel road, with firm subgrade, but dusty and not paved/covered w/ asphalt. Now, I’m not sure how well a 400 pounds machine can be controlled when skidding and sliding, but I know for a fact that I don’t want it to fall on me or get stuck. On the other hand, I don’t want to park it on the street, as it is too far to walk up there. Hm…. catch 22?

    The other option would be to go to the Grand Canyon. However, there don’t seem to be shortcut roads leading directly to it, which would amount to a half-a-day’s ride only to get there. I might have to call them and ask.

    Expenses: I don’t calcuate here, either, it doesn’t make any sense. I have embarked on this endeavour and want to make it happen. So I have to put out the money, whether I like it or not. I might find myself winding up the same way as you: Coming home and trying to figure out, how to make some items into cash (that blue electric guitar for example…)

    And I just returned from the Harbour in Downtown Vancouver, where I decided I need to go to Vancouver Island, Victoria, via ferry. Also, I might have to keep the rental car for the full length of my stay here. So, more money that gets burned, but what the heck.

    Also: When going back to Vegas, I MUST see a show of Prince/Symbol/TAFKAP as he performs daily. I’m sure this will be an unforgettable experience.


  3. Walther says:

    Hello my friend,

    I’m very jealous about your stay in North America! Just kidding: But I would rather be there than work hard here 😉

    I would like to invite you te be a blogger on our new page – because we need men like you!

    I just need a picture of you and the questions answered (see: “blogger” on our site) …

    The pics you put on flickr are beautiful (would like to see them on our site, too!).

    Keep posting and take care


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