A Night out at Jazz Alley

IMG_5872 They say it’s one of the top 3 best rated Jazz clubs in the entire country: Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley in Downtown Seattle. And boy, I’m such a lucky dog: David Benoit, renowned smooth jazz recording artist will perform live Thursday through Sunday – that means, I get TO SEE THE CONCERT! TODAY! But it gets better: Yesterday, I was at Pike’s Place Public Market and they have a ticket booth there that sell tickets for half the regular price. So I went back to that place today on my way to the Public Library and actually managed to get a hold of a ticket for the show.

Now, club concerts around here are somewhat of a different ballgame than back in Europe or rather Germany: Shows start as early as 7.30 pm, while e.g. the Nightclub at Bayerischer Hof, Munich, won’t get started until 9 pm., admission one hour prior to the show. Also, there are two long sets, which basically comes down to two full shows at the price of one. However, the half price tickets are usually only for the late show, which won’t start until 9.30 pm. Anyways, with a little bit of charm and innocent eyes I was fortunate to get in at 7.00 and enjoy the show. A killer! You have to imagine that David Benoit hardly ever plays in Europe, let alone in my backyard of the country. So tonight was really a major, major highlight of this trip, if not my life! And to make things even more memorable, I had the pleasure of meeting a nice young couple at the neighbouring table, who recommended a number of must-see attractions in Vancouver, after they’ve learned of my trip and plans. They really made my mouth water for Vancouver, B.C. and I expect it to be spectacular!

And then, folks, the second set! Amazing, kicking ass, rocking the joint! Really, this was jazz at its best and not even close to “elevator music” as smooth jazz is sometimes labelled in derogatory terms. You could tell that by the second time the guys had really relaxed and taken a liking in being onstage and being given the opportunity to experiment.

At the end of the show, I couldn’t help but talk to the musicians and get autographs. It was then that the sound engineer spotted my camera and asked me to take a few shots of the light gear and e-mail them to him, which – landed me free tickets for next week. So, any of you coming across this stream, being in the area, loving jazz and having nothing better to do than hang out w/ me, consider yourselves invited! 😀 (Really, would love to have company every now and then – I mean, not ANY company, but distinguished one 😉

Awww, this trip really seems to turn out as a “all over, all better” kinda experience!

P.S.: Oh – I had the opportunity to return some of the good vibes that I’ve been experiencing here ever since I landed (everybody is real friendly and helpful, quite different from back home): I think I made the bell captain’s day/night by letting him have one of the tickets, not knowing, whether I’d be in town for one of the upcoming shows – although I’m tempted to drive down next week and check out the Dave Holland quintet.

2 Responses to A Night out at Jazz Alley

  1. Wolfram says:

    Nice to see, that you are having a good time there. Well, I would have been friendly if you gave me one of those free tickets.

    Concerning the experience of friendliness here and there I get the impression, that we live in parallel worlds. Maybe it´s just the fact, that you’re in a holiday mood and aproach people in a different way? Interesting to see, how that changes our perception of the world around us 😉

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Wolle. About friendliness: Your assessment may have been correct about 5 years ago. I am approaching people differently, when being back home, However, I rarely get the same nice responses as here. I figured it’s a matter of how you approach people, but nonetheless, people here are much more willing to help you out, get you on your way and always caring about you being o.k. and having a good time. That’s a major difference compared to home. However and in order not to be unfair, it used to be different at home, as well. And living in the more rural setttings is also an aspect: Once you broke through initial general suspicion and once the locals have figured you out, they are a lot friendlier than in the big city.

    I don’t mean to put my home country down on a general basis, but there are differences. And you might remember that I am primarily looking for space, open spaces, nature etc. And except for occasional similiarities like traffice, space is available in an abundance, even in the suburbs.

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