Sleepless in Seattle

Seattle Skyline No, not really, fortunately. Although the hotel I stayed at the first night was really noisy, old, overpriced and downright crappy – at least after having been spoilt from the spacious rooms we had in Las Vegas. But what else can you expect, when you need to lodge downtown right under the Space Needle, huh?

Again, to my fortune and relief, today proved to be a much better day than I had anticipated yesterday when flying in from Las Vegas. The climatic, architectural, scenic shock was paramount. But I don’t want to be unfair to Seattleites and the city: It amounted to quite a nice experience today, the sun was out, the temperatures rose to 50 and above and I spent most of the day sightseeing downtown Seattle. I first went up the O-Deck on Space Needle to enjoy the 360 view at 570 feet and – would you believe – had the pleasure to talk to some really nice guys from Vegas, who visited their son and brother and maintained the Stratosphere in Las Vegas rises to almost twice the altitude, 1000 feet to be exact. I gather I have to check this attraction out, when I’m back there. I continued to the Experience Music Project Museum right next to Space Needle, but decided to take my time for that and come back tomorrow. On Pike Place Public Market I stood among the crowds in front of Pike’s Place Fish Market, who in addition to simply selling fresh fish make quite a show of it by hurling 20 pound hailbut into the audience and back over the counter. You gotta see it to believe it! The stroll down the market aisles proved to be rich and diverse and I enjoyed street musicians at every corner. My final stop was the Sound View Café, where I got to take a number of shots across the Puget Sound.

Tomorrow it’s going to be an all music day: I will thoroughly check out EMP tomorrow and look forward to seeing the David Benoit trio perform live at Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley, the West Coast’s number one Jazz venue. The only concern I have is that, if I keep burning money at that pace I will have to start hurling burgers towards the end of my trip… No, seriously, it’s enjoyable and I take in as much as I can. After all – it’s my first real vacation in more than five years, so why not be a little adventurous?

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