Heading Out

City of Lights I’m at McCarran Int’l Airport Las Vegas and taking advantage of the free-of-charge WiFi connection being offered here. While I sit here and type, I am running down the manyfold new impressions and experiences of last week. There were so many and they were so different from my usual routine that I don’t know where to start. Maybe from the end toward the beginning, as yesterday was definitely a climatic point so far. It began with a nice chill-out by the pool, which – unfortunately – got me a pretty servere sun-burn. Although I knew better, I was careless enough not to put any sun screen on at first. When I realized I was getting burnt, it must have been too late already.

Our little entourage headed north west of Las Vegas to see the sunset in the Valley of Fire. Now this was simply amazing! I have never seen quite anything like it! As if these sights hadn’t been impressive enough, we were greeted with a simply unbelievable view over Las Vegas as we headed back into town. As our group was pretty tired with being jetlagged and working at the same time, we split fairly soon and skipped dinner. As I didn’t feel like going straight to my room to pack, I went to the reception desk to check for the airport shuttle the next day and made a very, very pleasant encounter with Katherine. We ended up at a nearby hotel for a few cocktails and a scintillating conversation about photography, life, love, marriage etc. The week could not have ended any better.

I would love to elaborate, but I got to catch my flight to Seattle in about 15 minutes. Also, I’m working on getting the SPAM filter being less aggressive, so guys can leave some comments. I’m trying to restore the ones you already posted, Wolfram and Jura. But I need to figure out this part of WordPress first, so give me some time.

See you in Seattle!


One Response to Heading Out

  1. Wolfram says:

    What you wrote about the desert reminded me of a trip, I made some 10 years ago, through the destert of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, where I had encounters with some strange creatures, among them myself.

    I remember having spend the night in a run down motel, where I shared the room with a scorpion, very close to “Monument Valley”. I got up early to shoot some photos of the famous rocks of the valley at sunrise and I had the same feelings, you were commenting on earlier.

    Have fun in Seattle and go see the Boeing Factory, once you are there. Must be pretty impressive.

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