Living Large

IMG_5234 It’s really like they say: Everything is just bigger! in the States! The cars, the streets, the distances… What looked like a simple short trip to one of the malls to run some errands amounted to an “event” taking the entire evening. But what can I say: I love to ride around the city in a big car, listen to the sudden “growl” of the big engine block of a car or motorcycle next to you when the driver hits the pedal. I love the space you get with everything here, be it the parking lot, the hotel room, the lobby, the convention center: There’s just more than sufficient space for everyone and that makes for a very convenient feel. Back home you feel like you were squeezed into a tin can and everything is miniature size compared to here. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but available space has become a problem and more so for me personally.

So, apart from that: Here are some random impressions from Las Vegas, most of which I shot in a “point-and-shoot” fashion, the first set even out of the moving car. I have to ask your forgiveness in advance for the technical side of the images probably being lousy. But I don’t have time to go for a real shooting, and I didn’t want to come home without any pictures of Las Vegas.

So here we go: Random point-and-shoot set.


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