Travel Nerves II

The Journey Begins I’m currently out of order, so just a few lines: The virus that has had a grip on me over the past days finally struck on the day of the departure. Talk about excellent timing… Hence the flight to Las Vegas via Chicago was no less than pure hell. A constant empiric experiment, whether mind wins over body. I have a strong mind, but my body almost failed me. And then the mad bustle at the airports with two full security checks for each flight, totalling at four complete checks with opening and sorting baggage, throwing away several items and being summoned to here and there all the time – I was never closer to completely freaking out and wanting to hurt somebody – which, of course, would have been stupid, immediately resulted in custody and been the end of my trip.

I’m still very tense and tension has made for a polluted atmosphere between me and my travel mates. I will try to address this today or offer to conk out and continue my trip alone. So, I’m afraid all of this amounts to somewhat of a bad, really bad, bad start…


2 Responses to Travel Nerves II

  1. Jura says:

    Hugs, Werner, yell! – that`s a big amount of bitter experience – bravo beeing able to keep your poor body together! – brrrrrr, dear, imagine a kind of security procedures in a airport – uffff! that`s totally torturing and takes lots of patience and stamina. Glad you came through. Very sorry to hear about the polluted atmosphere between you and your travel mates 😦 hope that you will solve out this and could continue your journey with more feeling of gladness, do not give up! Take a rest and step forward, I am looking forward, too 🙂 Jura

  2. Wolfram says:

    Oh, oh! Kein guter Start für Deine Reise. Die Sicherheitskontrollen sind wirklich nervig. Ich muss, weil ich mit (Arbeits-) Visum einreise, mir zusätzlich immer noch meine Fingerabdrücke abnehmen lassen und für ein Foto für die Verbrecherkartei posieren.

    Die Messe kriegst Du auch noch hin, dauert ja nur ein paar Tage und danach kommt dann der Spaßteil! Also: Durchhalten!!!

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