Travel Nerves

The Pocket-Size OceanI guess, I should be cool about the upcoming trip – but I’m just too excited! Hopes and expectations run high, and at the same time I’m trying to remind myself that things are usually best when not expecting anything. On the other hand I haven’t been on a longer journey in years, and so I have been busy researching accomodation, transportation, attractions and crafted a bit of a personal schedule and trip planner. And again – at the same time I don’t want to overdo it and do too much advance planning.

Oh well…. there’s so many new experiences, encounters, impressions that are in store for me – I feel it! Only two more nights (or rather what’s left of them) and I’ll be on the plane to Las Vegas. After exhibiting at PMA with Boinx Software I’ll be headed to Seattle, five nights there and and then on to Vancouver, B.C. I’ll be staying there for almost a month, so that should give me ample opportunity to check out the place and surrounding area thoroughly. I have contacted some of my flickr friends there and hope to be meeting with one or the other contact, if for nothing else then maybe a cup of coffee and a little shoptalk.

OK folks – stay tuned, I plan on posting a report here and there and some picture to go with it.


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