Departure closing in

Silverlining...It’s only about one and a half weeks from now that I’ll be travelling to the American and Canadian westcoast. I have two bracketing “gigs” in Las Vegas for Boinx Software, where we’ll attend PMA as well as NAB to showcase our products and address a wider audience that goes beyond the regular Macintosh clientele.

I intend to spend the time between those two dates in Seattle and Vancouver. The first caught my attention through an article on Rem Koohlhaas, which featured his work in general and the Seattle Central Public Library in particular. I’ll then head on north to Vancouver probably using the Amtrak Cascades bus line. Apart from making some time to squeeze in a little relaxation and unwinding, I intend to check out the place in terms of cost of living, getting around, renting a place/real estate and the general “feel” to it.

Prior to my departure, I will also get a lot of paperwork translated and handed in to the Migration Agent. All of this – and planning my trip – has to be done during next week – on top of some sharp dealines at work, that is. So apart from being excited I’m also getting a little nervous as to whether I’ll manage to get everything done in time. Oh well – I HAVE to or else I blow a few hundred Euros. So, I am looking at short nights and long days, filled with lots of decisions to make, stuff to follow up with and checklists to run down…

But despite all that – I’m tremendously looking forward to this! And during that time I will also “use” this blog to post some reports and pictures from the trip. So stay tuned, Project Westbound is headed for the next lap!


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