Different Persons, Different Views…

I’m on the verge of discouragement (again… :/ ): Everybody – although meaning well – gives you their personal and often contradicting account on how to go about this. One person promotes self-employed work, another the “secure”, but costly, time- and effort-consuming approach through a migration agent, a third one seems to stress the “Get a job first” paradigm. While the latter would usually appeal the most to me, this is exactly what seems to be the hardest way: If you want a job, a Canadian employer not only needs to offer you one, they also need to make it clear to the Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) department that a qualified Canadian could not be found to do it. Sounds like a one in a million chance to me or like hitting the lottery (and we know, where playing the lottery sooner or later gets you…)

What else? There is the business visitor scenario. This is pretty much like a salesman travelling Canada for no more than six months at a time on behalf of his employer abroad. You get to do business in the name of your company, but can’t run an office at the same time. Then there is the “I’ll start a company” approach. Takes you the irrelevance of 300.000 Can$ to deposit as cash or a lease on a house in order to be allowed to start a company. And then there is the freelance/self-employed/”Jack-of-all-Trades”-approach: Register your business online, get a temp work permit, travel to Canada, get all papers naturalized and start doing your business. Sounds like a fast-paced shortcut overcoming a lot of regulations you’d otherwise have to abide by. And I have two personal accounts of small companies having pulled it exactly that way.

Wanna know the truth? (I know, you don’t, but you’ll get it anyways – and for free :P): I’m stunned. Can’t tell my arm from my elbow. F…k, does it ever get easy? Apparently not, as the only country in the world that seems to welcome ANYone from ANYwhere and paying them to come is – Germany. But let’s not get started on that subject. I have made a resolution to stay focused. So – let’s get on with business:

What’s my best option here? Or should I give all of them a try at the same time? Can I handle all the different scenarios outlined above? Probably not. Sit back. Breathe. Take a sip from the bottle of Mexican beer. I have to go with my gut feeling. And that says: Pursue the plans you have discussed with your current employer, and keep an eye on fellow travelers applying for jobs, see, how they’re doing. All of a sudden, it’s simple: I don’t have 300.000 Can$ to deposit. I also don’t want to start something different from what I’m doing now. I don’t have a job offer. But I have a job, I’m doing (and hopefully not all sucking at it), a vision and lots and lots of determination. Let’s exploit that and see, where it gets me. What do you think?


One Response to Different Persons, Different Views…

  1. Jura-te says:

    Hi Werner,

    It is a great pleasure to tag you towards Canada somewhere from the beginning and I hope to the happy end for that piece of your life journey 🙂

    You have a gift to put in words very neat your experience – the gift of the gab 😉

    I think you are elaborating on good strategy – deliberate, open-eyed and open-ended, based on congruous going with your gut feeling – I like that expression 🙂 I believe you are going to succeed in your project, and admire your scrutiny and determination, and I think it’s natural to feel discouraged from time to time – from wave to wave – but it feels you have a great amount of patience and sobriety – it pilots one day your dream to come true – you are on your way – isn’t it?

    I am filled with heartfelt curiosity about how you are going and goodwill to you, courage!


    P.S. huh, would notice that I can not offer any alternative to your strategy and even to add some useful concrete things based on my or any shared experience, seems than you have done it to the net weight for the moment 😉

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