Links to Sites with General Information regarding Migration

Thanks to revisiting a friend’s blog I found a rich set of information sites pertaining to immigration in general and Canada in particular. Most of these sites are in German, some of them link to English and French content. For starters, Germans wishing to migrate might find these resources helpful:

In addition to raw information, here are two other interesting sites that you might derive some interesting information from:

  • Auswandern aus Deutschland: A personal site of a young German professional who is publicly weighing his options and encouraging visitors to contribute to his personal research project. In particular, it’s about making the right choice with regard to countries who still value personal discretion with particular regard to banking confidentiality. Thanks, Nils, for including me in your blogroll!
  • Nix wie weg aus DE: This is sort of a demoscopic project that sports a questionnaire which tracks most popular reasons for migration, preferred destinations, participants’ personal story and other facts and trivia worth knowing. It also gives participants the opportunity to speak their minds regarding the results of German politics and politicians and what they’d like to leave as a kind of “farewell note to Mrs. Merkel” – interesting and a perfect outlet to exclaim your frustration, if that is an aspect of your migration from Germany.

Please note that while most entry points are in German, there is quite a wealth of information in English available and crosslinked, as well.

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