IELTS is done

… and so am I after having taken the test. Confusion amounted to mild chaos in the forefront of the test with regard to some administrative things: First, my order of specimen materials to prepare for the test wasn’t received. Then it was sent twice, one time by the British Council themselves, following their standard order procedure and a second time by the German Carl Duisberg Centers, who action the IELTS for Germany. Next, I missed the speaking test interview, which was scheduled for a separate day and which I apparently must have overlooked in the heap of confirmation letters and materials being delivered. Fortunately, the friendly German team arranged for an alternative interview in the immediate aftermath of the test.

Prior to the test I had slept a mere three or four hours from being plainly nervewrecked. I got up feeling like a pile of dung, all desparate and afraid of flunking. I pulled myself together as best as I could and went there. It later turned out that there were more candidates present than applications received, which resulted in an insufficient number of test leaflets. As staff hurried to copy the missing booklets, the sequence of modules was changed in order to make up for the extra time required for copying. Although present staff acted very competently, they couldn’t avoid a delay, which endangered my speaking test (interview). So in between modules I had to make sure with them they’d let me go early, if I managed to finish, so I wouldn’t miss the speaking test.

Now, honest – could have conditions been any more adverse than that? And does one really need any additional excitement in a test situation? I don’t think so.

Update: In the light of the above, I’m really satisfied to report that I scored 8.0 out of 9.0 possible of the band score – or in other terms: I got 89% right. So – that is over and done with for the time being, alas!

6 Responses to IELTS is done

  1. kols447 says:

    Well, my old friend, quite an endeavour you have embarked on here. I wish you all the best. You are definitly going to have to come down here and visit – definitly once the winter/no sunlight depression takes a hold 😉

    What a pain in the ass to do it your way. But I guess not everybody will be as lucky as I was. I am actually considering becoming a citizen now that I have been here for almost 20 yrs.

    What is your status going to be? Are yougoing to renounce your German passport?

    This is a great blog, btw, Mr. meticulous – well done!

    All the best for the new year and, again, lot’s of good luck!!

    (you got my email at work if you want to write-I need to get you the one at home)

  2. admin says:

    CHARLES! Wow! What a treat to find your comment here! Thanks, pal! Yes, I’m making travel plans that seem to make up for those decades of geographical stagnation, it appears ‘lol’ 😉 Can we arrange for spring, too? I should be on two major trade shows in Vegas by then and take it, inbound flights aren’t all that expensive or long, eh? (Practicing the Canadian way.. *lol*).

    My status – if it all pans out as planned – will be that of a permanent resident. At that stage I don’t have to renounce my German passport and as far as I’m informed don’t have to, even in the case of applying for citizenship (which you’re eligible for after 3 years, if you managed to support yourself and have behaved ;-)).

    All the best to you and your family! Will have to check back for more photos of your daughter! Hey – did you tell her about flickr? ( It’s free and just a great community! She’ll get lots of attention, encouragement and also help from there!

    Awright, c ya, man! 🙂


  3. bthwyxeyi says:

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