OK, this entire process is a lot more complex, time-consuming and expensive than I had recalled it: I am now requested to provide all university and school certificates, letters of reference, passport, personal id, birth certificate etc. in a translated and notarized version. All documents need to be provided as original versions, stamped, enveloped and sent via postal services within 60 days from the date of filing my immigration request. This will eat considerable amounts of both time and money, I suspect.

In addition to that, I am requested to take the IELTS, a test for migration applicants whose first language is not English. That goes into the books at an additional 170,- EUR plus additional cost for providing recent photographs and copies of passport and/or ID. Fortunately, there is a test center location here in Munich, so at least I’m spared any additional travel expense. Next possible date for taking the test is December, 9th, which is in about a month’s time from now. According documentation and preparation papers are no less then 20 pages of content. In addition to that, one is given the opportunity to view free samples of questions taken during the test on their web site or order comprehensive examples at an additional charge of £9.10. As I hope my English skills to be fairly proficient, I’ll take my chances and will attend on December, 9th.

Further to the above, I am prompted to specify some of the information more comprehensivle, which I provided with the total of about 10 forms at 2 to 8 pages each. Mind you, we are talking 20 pages of text minimum. I should have recorded the amount of hours it took to collect all information being asked, but I would guess that a minimum of an entire work week has gone into answering immigration forms so far. Again, you have to keep in mind that one is expected to document every location you have lived at since your 18th birthday and any professional activity you have been pursuing eversince. As I’m not exactly 25 years of age any more and as I have held various “positions”, especially right after finishing school, this was – or should I say “is”? – quite a challenge. In the light of this I’m afraid it was only litte relief to hear from my migration advisor that this is fairly common for the applicants they service. I told the lady, who has taken over processing of my case, that I might be frankly unable to come up with the information at that great detail they request, as in some cases I didn’t have a contract nor any other documentation whatsoever, which I could use to reconstruct a given time in my early adulthood days. So, I’m afraid I’m running into a catch 22 situation here and will have to use excessive creativity in finding a way out of this.

As for now, my next stop is the IELTS on December 9th. Keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂

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