Shuffling the deck?

This Monday I received an email and a call later on by someone at Colin R. Singer, whose name I wasn’t familiar with so far. I had expected a call by my migration advisor Geoff Van Praet. Apparently, someone else in the company has taken over my immigration request and is taking things from here. She seems to be a nice, young, proactive and forthcoming lady, though, so I feel in good hands.

I had been previously informed by Mr. Van Praet that if I were to indicate moderate proficiency in French I’d be expected to take a language skills test later on during the process. He was going to hear my decision as to whether or not I intended to take that test in order to keep mention of my French in my application or whether I meant to drop it. On the plus side: Passing the test raises my score and improves my chances of being acknowledged a permanent resident. On the not so bright side: Once I decide for taking the test, I cannot reconsider later on and I will have to put down my score, no matter what the results are. So, it’s not an easy decision to make.

But I guess I can use a challenge for a change. I have acquired my college/university degree back in 1998, that’s some eight years ago. Ever since I have barely attended any formal training, so I guess sticking my nose in French language learning books can’t do much harm. The only thing I’m not so sure about is whom I’m supposed to practice conversation and spoken French with. Err, guess I’ll have to figure a way there.

One thing, though, that I wasn’t remembering any more is the fact that I will need to get all my degrees translated and notarized. I’m expecting this to be a rather costly procedure and I’ll also have to research translation bureaus offering that service in the first place. Hm, may have to work the wires here in order to make that happen.


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