Paperwork#1 Reprise

Wednesday night I find an e-mail in my in-basket, sent by the immigration advisor who is processing my case. The subject reads “Clarification on Forms”. Of course, I was expecting this. Not that I think of myself as being incredibly stupid (although I have had my share of displays of stupidity), nor would I rather describe myself as dangerously intelligent. Having this said, I would have been even more surprised, if I had gotten everything right at my first shot at this. On the other hand and as I’m skimming through the text of his request, I am almost alarmed at the number of questions he has on behalf of “clarification” – no less than seven. And of course, none of them can be answered in one short sentence. So I find myself spending all of Wednesday night at the computer, going over everything and browsing my archive for the information necessary to answer them.

There are two immediate findings with regard to this: a), I am not that incredible loser I have sometimes taken myself for. Sure, I have tried this and that, you may go as far as call me disoriented at times – a youth syndrom maybe? But it never involved anything illegal, terribly dangerous or otherwise harmful to my fellow contemporaries, nor was it overly damaging to my health. On the contrary: I have always done my best to support myself in everything I did. In looking back, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve always devoted my all of me to whatever goal I had or undertaking I started. I may have needed a bit more persistence and perseverance one or the other time. But my motives weren’t unnoble ones nor malignant.
b) I seem to have everything on file and recorded what’s necessary to produce in this moment. Now that’s a relief. Especially with questions like “Name the number of your unit during military service including name of commanding officers”. Geez, that may be a tough one… I might have to call my unit, find out, if anyone can look my records up and ask them about all that. That might take some time. But then, as I head down the basement, take all my resolve and go through files, I soon find this piece of information. Thank god!

Maybe there is a third finding to this: c) I have tried to pursue what felt right and meaningful. I think my choices could have been worse. What do you think? (And what will the immigration officer think…?)


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