Namechange Postponed

I talked to the registrar the other day after having found out that he is the wo/man in charge on behalf of my little undertaking. He bluntly let me know that there’s only a way, if I can prove immediate disadvantages or harm coming from the spelling of my name. I wasn’t quite sure, what he meant and asked him (it was a ‘him’ in that case) to give me examples. Well, an example according to him would be that e.g. I don’t receive important mail due to constant misspelling of my last name. Or that I suffer mental abuse from being made fun of all the time. Or worse, that I’d get physically attacked due to the nature of my last name. Or to put it in simple terms: Authorities MIGHT consider granting me a chargeable name change, once the damage is already done.

Good Lord, if I ever needed any more reason to leave this country, this would be a good one to add to my list.


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