Uhm… Paperwork anyone?

immigration formOn the same day that my initial payment was processed, I was granted access to the secure part of Colin R. Singer’s website. I was prompted to download quite comprehensive documentation by an email titled ‘Initiating Documentation’. Well, it should have rather been named ‘Flooding you with paperwork’…

So, here I am now, racking my brains over what I’ve been doing over the past 20+ years, moreover when and where. Not easy, especially when you take the liberty in your twens to experiment and try several walks of life… And then the housing situation: Boy, it’s really a challenge to reconstruct all the places I have lived at, sometimes only for a few months, sometimes with family… But with the help of family and friends and our collective memory, I have finally managed to connect the dots and draw a complete picture of my life so far. It’s actually quite interesting to go through that process and relive some of the moments of the past … Well, I guess this is part of what any emigrant goes through: Getting ready for Goodbyes and new Hellos, right?

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